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2018-10-11 / Local News

Village of Lancaster holds public hearings

The Village of Lancaster held a pair of public hearings Monday night, resulting in one law being passed.

The first hearing was concerning temporary structures.

The bill, which passed, added a definition of temporary structures to the zoning section of the village code.

Temporary structures are now defined as “an assembly of materials other than recreation or screen tents where the footprint is 100 square feet or less, intended to form as non-permanent shelter, building or enclosure to protect people, products, materials, equipment or inventory.”

The second public hearing involved the use of federal community development funds in the village. The village is eligible for a federal community development grant under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act.

Essentially, the money would go to benefit low- and moderate-income citizens in the village.

The hearing was held to provide a chance for residents to voice their opinions on what kind of needs the village has in community development and housing.

The issue was tabled.

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