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2018-10-11 / Police Blotter

Drunk driver unable to finish sobriety tests


Monday, Oct. 1

• Officers responded to reports of a house fire along Lackawanna Avenue. Upon arrival, police saw smoke coming from the basement windows and rear door. All occupants were safely evacuated. One of the tenants told officers the fire possibly started in the dryer. Detectives took photos of the scene and will investigate.

Tuesday, Oct. 2

• A woman called police when her estranged husband stole her phone. The woman was letting him stay with her since he had nowhere else to go. She will provide documentation to detectives regarding where she purchased the phone and confirm the phone number.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

• A Wenona Street man called police after an unknown person stole his car from his driveway. The man told police he left his keys in his car and noticed the vehicle missing at approximately 2 a.m. His credit card was also left in the car, and the man noted two charges of $105.95 on his account, which were traced back to a Tops Markets in Buffalo. An employee confirmed the purchases were for gift cards. Detectives will follow up with the case, and are in the process of obtaining video footage near the home and at Tops.

• A Neoga Street woman called police to report items stolen from her unlocked car. The vehicle was parked on the street outside her home. Two cell phones, a box of charging cables and $16 in cash was taken. Detectives will follow up with the incident.

Thursday, Oct. 4

• A restaurant at the corner of Transit and Rehm roads reported a burglary. The owner’s mother had left the back door unlocked. It appeared that unknown persons were trying to get to an adjacent pharmacy through the restaurant. Drywall and paneling were removed at certain points, and a screwdriver was found in a side room to the pharmacy. Officers also noted a ladder was placed next to the wall adjacent to the pharmacy, and insulation was removed from the ceiling. Detectives will investigate the incident.

• Officers responded to a Walden Avenue apartment after a woman woke up to a man in her apartment. She was sleeping on the couch when a man, against whom she has an order of protection, broke in. She called police after “kicking him out.” The man was found and taken into custody.

Friday, Oct. 5

• Police were dispatched to an apartment on Main Street for a complaint of criminal mischief. Two brothers who live there got into an argument that morning, resulting in one brother telling the other he wasn’t welcome there anymore. One his way out, the other brother punched the front door, shattering glass. A warrant is sought for his arrest.

• A Sherwood Court resident called police when her husband’s handicap parking tag was stolen from her vehicle, which was parked in the driveway. The car was allegedly unlocked, and there are no suspects or evidence as of this date.

Saturday, Oct. 6

• Officers responded to an unresponsive male driver at the corner of Transit Road and Eliot Avenue. The man was found slumped over the wheel with constricted pupils and slurred and delayed speech, and was fading in and out of consciousness. He told officers he was sleepy and pulled over on the side of the road to take a nap; the car was running with the key in the ignition. Police found a green packet containing heroin in the vehicle. The man was unable to complete field sobriety tests. Upon testing at the station, it was determined that the man was under the influence of drugs.

Sunday, Oct. 7

• A visibly drunk male driver was seen slumped over the wheel of his car, which was found in a turning lane at the corner of Transit Road and Walden Avenue. The man was unable to provide his driver’s license to police at first, mistakenly offering them credit cards and a Delta Sonic card. An open container of hard cider was in the center console, as well as two bottles of single-serve liquor. The man failed field sobriety tests, which were stopped midway through due to concern for the man’s safety, and he had 0.32-percent blood alcohol content.

• A Colony Avenue woman was the victim of identity theft. While attempting to withdraw cash from her bank, she received a call from an individual claiming to be with her bank, confirming that her transaction did not go through. The number came back invalid when she tried to call the individual back. The woman was told to monitor her accounts and contact her bank about the incident. An online search of the phone number showed it is connected to a phishing scam.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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